Course curriculum

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    Navigating the Course

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    Welcome to Classical Sonatinas and Sonatas at the Piano

    • Course Introduction

    • Welcome Survey

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    Session 1: Style and Technique in the Classical Era

    • Session Contents

    • Video 1 (with Transcript): "Ellmenreich “Spinning Song,” Op. 14, No. 5" with Julie Knerr

    • Reading 1: "How Do You Teach Your Students to Play Loud in One Hand and Soft in the Other?" by Mary Ann Hanchu, Samuel Wong, and Scott Smith

    • Reading 2: "What Do You Think is Essential When Teaching the Interpretation of Music in the Classical Style?" by Phyllis Rappeport (Nancy Bachus, Editor)

    • Reflection Question

    • Session Resources

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    Session 2: From Sonatinas to Sonatas

    • Session Contents

    • Video 1 (with Transcript): "Clementi Sonatina in C Major, Op. 36, No. 1, Allegro" with Amy Glennon

    • Reading 1: "Moving from Sonatina to Sonata: Bridging the Gap with Johann Wilhelm Hässler" by Hyorim Lee

    • Reading 2: "Bringing Performance Experience with a Period Piano to a Modern One" by Ratko Delorko

    • Reflection Question

    • Session Resources

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    Session 3: Teaching Beethoven

    • Session Contents

    • Reading 1: "The Beethoven Piano Sonatas: Frequently Asked Questions" by Peter Takacs

    • Reading 2: "A Master Class on Three Favorite Beethoven Sonata Movements" by Jerry Wong and Peter Takács (Nancy Bachus, Editor)

    • Reading 3: "What Do Beethoven's Piano Sonatas Reveal about His Pianism?" by Stewart Gordon (Scott McBride Smith, Editor)

    • Reflection Questions

    • Session Resources

    • Exit Survey